Live Session Protocol Q & A

How do I book a session? 

To arrange a session or have any inquiries addressed, you must first fill out My application to serve. Without these basic details answered, I don’t move forward. I cannot assess  if we’re even compatible without first knowing your interests, previous experience, etc. This is for our mutual benefit.

If I feel we’re a good match, the next step is verification. As a safety precaution, I do a light screening of anyone new that I see. It is quick and painless; I just need full transparency about who you are. Your information is kept completely confidential and deleted from my records after.

Once verified, a deposit is necessary to secure your spot. I never hold an appointment in My busy tour schedule without one. No one is exempt from a deposit.

How do I become verified through your screening process? 

A previous Mistress or adult provider reference is My preferred and most valid method of verification. Reference verification is done by providing the website or social media and advert links to the professionals you’ve seen, as well the contact details you specifically used to book with them. I cannot check your reference without these details. As special as you are…among thousands of clients they will not recall “Steve from Ohio.” We all keep the contacts first knowing a bit more about you- such as your interests, previous experience, etc. Its commonplace in the community to verify references with each other.


If you don’t have any previous experience with a professional, there are some other options: 

1)Provide links to either your work, social media etc which clearly show who you are and a second means to verify its the same person. If you’re using an actual ID, its fine to have all information omitted in the screen shot except your name, photo & birthdate.

2)I strongly prefer and recommend anyone new to first book a phone consultation/session. This will not only expedite your verification but is an ideal way for us to become acquainted and comfortable with each other. Its also an excellent opportunity for novices to address any questions or concerns and begin planning our session in a more personalized way. A phone consultation for anyone considering a real time meeting is $100.


Now I’m verified. How do I secure my spot with deposit? 

Deposit ranges from $100 per hour booked to 50%, depending on the session length and demand in said tour location. I accept two types of payment processors- those details will be shared once I decide to proceed with our booking. Under no circumstances do I accept PayPal.

If you are someone who lacks privacy and cannot leave a paper trail for whatever reason- I have a solution: purchase an amazon gift card (or another if I specify) from the store with cash and give Me the claim code. This method however is My least preferred and only to be used for those with no other option; as I do not live off gift cards in the real world.

The remaining tribute balance is always paid in cash only at the beginning of our session. Never pay more than I ask electronically or by gift card unless it’s a gift. I expect most of the tribute in cash.

Session is secured. What happens next Mistress? 

Once our time is secured, I always send a pre session interview by email to get a deeper sense of interests, limits and ultimately in your head. A psycho analysis if you will; Which allows Me to start plotting and picking your brain well in advance. I will never do this on the spot. 

I’m not a fan of last minute, poor planning or awkward transitions into a scene. I will start in role the moment you enter the door. Full on intensity upon arrival- exactly as I like it. No casual banter or haphazard interview. Drop to your knees, surrender tribute and then game on…

Are tips or gifts expected? 

I am upfront about My tribute and session requirements. No, tips and gifts are not expected; however they are always appreciated, and a lovely gesture to demonstrate gratitude and leave a lasting impression.  During holidays and special occasions this is especially thoughtful. 

If gifting, be sure to inquire what I genuinely desire and is useful. The following giftcards I always enjoy: Amazon, Uber, Ulta, Honey Birdette. Sometimes I have more use for one than others, so its helpful to ask. 

If you’d like to gift clothing or shoes, always inquire first for specific links of what I like. You can order and bring to session or if I know you well, I can provide an address for shipping. 

Please don’t guess on what I’d wear or just get what you’d like to see Me in- then it simply becomes a gift for you and not the Mistress. Im very particular concerning My preferences. I travel constantly and do not have space to take things I genuinely wont use or wear.

I also enjoy good wine, champagne, sake, vodka, tea and kombucha. However, I don’t drink coffee or have a sweet tooth. Flowers are also unuseful to Me. So the standard flowers and candy wont cut it for Mistress 😉