Snapchat Membership

*I will only add you once I’ve received Membership tribute. Email informing Me who you are and to inquire about method of payment:

Subscribe to My Snapchat updates for $25 a year. No, this is not similar to a monthly Onlyfans, etc. Twitter’s censorship on the adult industry has become so stringent, not only can we post NOTHING, but I recently lost My account over it. Consider this a completely raw, uninhibited version of twitter; but with all the perks of regular photo & vid sneak peeks into My life social media censorship won’t allow.

If I don’t know you, this can simply be done by sending an amazon claim code for $25. However if we are acquainted, other payment methods are preferred- inquire within.


  • Stay in My orbit. Get regular updates of My schedule and exploits.
  • Regular photo & brief snap video teases
  • You can message Me direct for your inquires. No need to wait in the impersonal and lengthy email queue. However, do not mistake this for a text session or consultation.
  • The first & most obvious step in relinquishing control